SANTA FE, N.M., March 10, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Big Fish Marketing is pleased to announce that Robin Fisher Roffer is releasing an updated edition of her seminal work on personal branding for Audible and iTunes.

In Make a Name for Yourself: Eight Steps Every Woman Needs to Create a Personal Brand Strategy for Success, Roffer narrates stories from her career to demonstrate that «a fearless representation of who you are is the best brand for success.»

Listeners will be guided through the following eight steps with a workbook-download for easy implementation of Roffer’s transformative tools:

Step 1: Dig Deep to Unearth Who You Are: Take time to examine your core values, passions, and talents. Uncover your specialty and use these tools to craft your authentic brand and tagline.

Step 2: Define Your Dreams and Put Them Into Action: Clearly state your objectives and goals. Give your dreams a chance by writing them down, and defining what «Living Well» means for you. Create your mission statement and make it part of your everyday life.

Step 3: Go After Your Target Audience with a Vengeance: Uncover your target audience and how you want them to view you. Develop a plan to attract that audience and discover what sets you apart from the competition.

Step 4: Don’t Crash and Burn- Figure Out What’s Stopping You: It’s not a question of whether something is going to cause you a problem. It’s only a question of what and when. Defend against brand barriers and make a plan to remove obstacles along your road to success.

Step 5: Recruit a Squad of Brand Cheerleaders: Every successful person needs support from people who really «get» them. Use this chapter to help you find your ideal mentor or coach and establish a symbiotic working relationship.

Step 6: Learn The Secrets to Packaging Your Brand: Use this guide to package your personal brand down to every detail. From your work wardrobe to your office décor, and your website, it’s about making everything reflect your brand.

Step 7: Get Comfortable In Your Own Skin: Refine your personal brand’s presentation by defining and honing your personality and attitude. These tools will help you declare what you do and don’t want your brand to project.

Step 8: Devise a Plan and Get On With It: Finally, check in with yourself, Is your brand honest?  Mission directed? Fresh and Different?  Does it match a standard of quality that will connect with your target audience? Are you adequately promoting yourself? Strategize for your brand’s ongoing success. 

Entrepreneur Magazine said, «All the steps in Fisher Roffer’s eight installment plan are eminently doable. They not only show you how to find out what you stand for but also how to ensure that the right people understand it and appreciate it.»

Roffer pioneered the concept of personal branding when she wrote Make a Name For Yourself as a tool for women to elevate their careers in a patriarchal work world. Although the book speaks to all genders, it was the first resource of its’ kind to address the specific experiences of women’s careers, and is now updated for ambitious listeners in 2017.

In today’s self-made careers and highly visible social media landscape, establishing a brand narrative is more important than ever. «If you don’t brand yourself, someone else will,» says Roffer. Roffer guides readers, and listeners, to uncover and share their greatest story in order to establish a consistent and self-directed career path.

Women can now listen to this life-changing guide on-the go with Audible and iTunes. Roffer’s eight essential steps to create an enduring brand narrative elevate the listener’s unique talents, and propel careers forward with intention and direction. Listeners can now get the book free when they sign up as a new member on Audible.

As founder and CEO of Big Fish Marketing, brand strategist and reinvention specialist, Robin Fisher Roffer has provided the rocket fuel that launched and evolved dozens of media brands all over the world such as A&E,, Bloomberg, CNN, Discovery, Food Network, FOX Networks Group, History, HGTV, MTV and TNT.

With a mission to inspire professionals to fearlessly reach their potential, Robin has authored three additional books including The Fearless Fish Out Of Water, Reinventing Yourself and The No-Fear Career. A speaker and frequent media quest on fearless leadership and personal branding, Robin Keynotes corporate conferences at companies such as NBC Universal, Microsoft, AIG, Walmart and top business schools like Columbia,, Wharton, USC and Northwestern.

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