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TARTLE Launches Data Marketplace to Empower Individuals, Nonprofits, and Charities

SANTA FE, N.M., Aug. 31, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The New Mexico startup TARTLE announced their commitment to becoming the first fully transparent big data marketplace platform. The TARTLE marketplace pioneers a new method of data management, allowing personal data to be treated as an asset owned by its producer. It functions as a broker for people and organizations with a blockchain-based identity, without the risk of any third-party involvement. 

The TARTLE platform is committed to introducing higher standards of transparency, accountability, and security to data brokerage. It uses both symmetric and asymmetric encryption for fully encrypted data while still facilitating its exchange.

All personal data traded on the platform is verified through blockchain technology, using an immutable record of positive consent through ed25519 signatures. Stored hashes of the encrypted data also ensure that it remains true to its original source, and subsequent transactions make it easy to track and ensure that all data is ethically sourced. 

Further, TARTLE seeks to promote social responsibility by giving organizations and nonprofits the opportunity to use the platform as an additional source of funding and awareness across 222 countries.

Previously, the impact of NGOs and special cause organizations were limited by a lack of funding and geographical reach. Red tape and bureaucratic constraints from one entity to another also made it difficult to secure the support of government agencies and other organizations. The TARTLE platform provides an equal playing field for all special-cause organizations, aligned with its Big 7, to promote their vision across the globe.

This exciting nonprofit development is a part of TARTLE's initiative to build a worldwide community of individuals and organizations, who can share and purchase data on better terms. 

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