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'My Life As A Woman: World Edition' Lands In Women's Prisons

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M., April 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The My Life As A Woman Project Initiative contacted several outreach programs around the United States for a partnership and collaboration effort to give women in prison a new hope and inspiration. The project seeks to enlighten incarcerated female populations.

The book is a compilation of stories from women in every country including North America, South America, Europe, Middle East, Asia, India, Australia, and Africa. It embodies the symbol of love, hope, ambition, fear, and the success of women from every walk of life, making it an ideal read for incarcerated women who could greatly benefit from the awe-inspiring experience of the book, helping them travel to all parts of the world without physically being there, and may present a life-altering path for women currently limited to a prison cell.

Through the prison outreach proposal, 12 copies of the book will be distributed by the Appalachian Prison Book Project, which has worked with prisons around the country and has distributed over 45,000 books since 2004 to over 100 imprisoned people, and has helped at least 30 people to receive WVU college credit, hosts book clubs inside the prisons, and is leading the effort to bring for-credit college courses into the women's prison system.

Readers will find strength and learn that even in the deepest depths of hopelessness, women somehow manage to find the light, while recognizing the value of self-worth and appreciating the beauty of a world that is filled with women who share many common bonds.

My Life As A Woman: World Edition is available for purchase on Amazon Kindle and Paperback. To learn more about the My Life As A Woman Project Initiative, visit

About My Life As A Woman Project Initiative
This project celebrates women and their unique stories. The stories of women from different nationalities, religions, cultures, backgrounds, and ages, and compiled them in My Life As A Woman: World Edition. Together, these stories give an in-depth look at what women around the world have been through, what they are going through now, and how they continually overcome adversity.

About Appalachian Prison Book Project
Challenging mass incarceration through books, education, and community engagement. APBP sends free books to people imprisoned in six Appalachian states (West Virginia, Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, and Maryland). Our work emanates from two interconnected premises: education is a basic human right, and engaging the community in educational justice efforts is a requisite component to building sustainable restorative justice models.

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