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Circle of Doors Tarot Brings Witchy Women Wisdom to Life at Burning Man and on Kickstarter

SANTA FE, N.M., May 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Circle of Doors Tarot is a celebration of sacred feminine power through evocative fine art photography. Creators Anne Staveley & Jill Sutherland are presenting the series of 78 symbolic portraits as both a large-scale interactive art installation at Burning Man 2022 in August, as well as a deluxe box set of printed tarot deck and guidebook, debuting on Kickstarter in May.

The art installation's appearance at this year's Burning Man festival marks a new chapter for a project that debuted as the "Wheel of Fortune" at Burning Man 2014. It went on to be featured at events such as Lightning in a Bottle in CA, Electric Forest in MI, The PASEO Outdoor Arts Festival in NM, Global Eclipse Gathering in OR., and more.

"The Wheel of Fortune was a huge hit," said Matt Thomas, creator of The PASEO Outdoor Arts Festival in Taos, New Mexico. "It proved to be a community favorite that was engaging, magical, and really beautifully crafted. They made the piece come alive, keeping an aura of mystery and intrigue within those finely detailed doors. It struck a special chord with the diversity of our community, something they are talking about still."

The main structure of the installation consists of 22 salvaged doors and their frames, creating an interior space that can be entered and exited from any direction. To enter the main structure is to choose a Tarot card. Upon entering, guests are compelled to turn around and see the unique art on the inside of their chosen door. Each door acts as one of the 22 Major Arcana of the Tarot, such as The Fool, The Magician, The Lovers, or The Devil. At sunset, Jill, Anne, and a cast of whimsical characters fill the space to light the fiery chandelier at the center, and to serve tea to guests. Four new shrine outposts will surround the central structure at this year's Burning Man appearance, one for each of the four Minor Arcana suits: Keys (Wands), Cups, Knives (Swords), and Shells (Pentacles).

With 56 brand new images to expand on the original deck of 22 cards, the Circle of Doors Tarot deck is debuting as a gift box set, featuring a large-size deck of 78 cards and a 180 page guidebook written by Tarot scholar Brian Duffy. The box set will be just one of the many rewards available on the project's upcoming Kickstarter campaign, debuting in May 2022.

The ethereal photographs of each card were created live on-site with in-camera multiple exposure techniques. Over 100 different models were chosen, all from a wide range of backgrounds. Each card's scene was created as a ritual invocation of the model's unique identity and story, bridging the transcendent healing power of eternal archetypes with the urgent challenges of the current historical moment.

"Feminine energy is vital to people of all gender expressions, and is too often suppressed or neglected in the world," says co-creator Jill Sutherland. "By bringing together women of all ages, colors, ethnicities and cultures into the circle, space is opened for the healing of the feminine that is necessary to create harmony in a fractured world."

With the installation returning to Burning Man, and the Tarot deck debuting on Kickstarter, Jill and Anne see Circle of Doors Tarot as an expanding collection of experiences intended to provoke vital conversations and awaken healing potential, all in an effort to re-enchant the world with powerful art.



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