ALBUQUERQUE, N.M., May 9, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Supplement company Pure Nootropics released several new products recently, expanding their line of natural nootropics. The launch includes two medicinal mushroom formulas and a natural sleep complex.

One of several multi-ingredient formulas Pure Nootropics carries, the newly released Optimal Sleep Complex ( combines natural ingredients shown to improve overall sleep quality. The formula includes lemon balm, valerian root, magnesium, zinc, l-theanine and l-tryptophan. The plus version of this product adds melatonin for an even deeper rest.

The company also announced they will now carry Nammex ( medicinal mushrooms Cordyceps Militaris and Lion’s Mane, both of which are extracted from whole fruiting bodies rather than the more common mycelium. Research shows fruiting body mushroom extracts provide the most potent and effective, active ingredients.

Cordyceps is shown to improve energy and stamina as well as reduce mental fatigue and stress. Lion’s mane, also known as Yamabushitake, can increase neurogenesis (new cell growth) and act as a neuroprotective agent, preventing age related cognitive decline.

In addition to these products, Pure Nootropics announced they will now carry the branded theacrine supplement, TeaCrine ®, which is known for providing clean energy and focus to biohackers, athletes, and anyone looking to achieve peak physical or cognitive performance. Theacrine ( is known to provide a boost similar to caffeine, however, is not a stimulant and does not come with the negative side effects commonly associated with caffeine, such as increased heart rate or blood pressure.  

According to a study conducted by the Research Center at the University of California at San Francisco, theacrine is sufficient at increasing energy and perceived motivation. Additionally, the study found that unlike caffeine, there is no tolerance build up decrease in effectiveness over time. «Theacrine did not induce locomotor sensitization or tolerance after chronic exposure,» the study states.

In addition to these, Pure Nootropics plans to launch several more products in the coming months, and is offering some introductory sale pricing to celebrate the launch of these products. Please visit for more information.  

About Pure Nootropics:

Pure Nootropics specializes in offering products with the benefit of increasing cognitive function. The mission behind the company is summed up in its name itself.  The company was founded in 2013 in order to offer high quality products that are rigorously tested for safety and efficacy. The company takes pride in offering a continually updated catalog of products to meet his customer’s ever growing needs.

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