ALBUQUERQUE, N.M., Oct. 22, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Nonprofit organizations across the country face a projected loss of $20 billion in charitable giving this year due to tax law changes, which drastically reduces the number of households that can itemize deductions. 1, 2 Itemizers contribute 82% of charitable giving. Nonprofits already report that demand for their services is increasing, but funding is not keeping pace.3 However, SugarShopper, Inc. presents a solution to this decline.

Nonprofit organizations (NPOs) must delegate funding to critical areas while maintaining operating costs. Typical donors seek to contribute to a particularly meaningful program with the intention of preventing the NPO from «wasting» their donation.

While nearly half (47.5%) of an average nonprofit’s funding comes from government grants and contracts, the government reimbursed under 10% of NPO indirect costs in 2018.4, 5 Discovering new avenues to maintain unrestricted service, such as fundraising, is vital to the NPOs’ survival.

What is a nonprofit to do?

A new business – designed specifically to provide a solution to this concern – offers a continuing source of income for indirect costs, direct costs, or any budgetary requirement. is a woman-owned boutique ecommerce store, that donates a standard 10% of every purchase total to the nonprofit the customer selects 10% means that $10 is donated for every $100 rather than the typical 0.5%, which only generates a 50¢ donation for every $100 purchase. All of these funds are sustainable, unrestricted income.

SugarShopper provides each affiliate nonprofit with a complimentary Splash Page to excite the public about that organization’s good works and a Shop Now button for their website, newsletters and social media platforms. Aware of the limits on NPOs’ manpower and time, SugarShopper also provides templates to boost email fundraising campaign efforts. To become an affiliate or for more information go to

According to Guide Star, only 10% of nonprofit organizations registered in 2015 had annual revenues of $500,000 or more.6 These are small organizations doing big work in communities across the country. Every dollar makes a difference.


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